Your residents’ experience will be characterised by quality food, hotel-style concepts and integrated facilities services. They can choose from a variety of meal options delivered by a passionate service team. Our attentive staff will respect individual preferences, ensuring a high standard of service to all residents.

Benefits of Partnership

Senior living providers increasingly need to meet higher standards of clinical excellence and compliance, which puts pressure on limited resources and budgets. Streamlining operational efficiencies through a partnership with Spotless will enhance your facilities, achieving;

  • Increased focus on your core business
  • Improved standards across;
    • Quality
    • Compliance
    • Risk mitigation
    • Service delivery
  • Improved resident satisfaction and safety outcomes.

Understanding Senior Living

You can be confident that your business is in safe hands, with a partner that understands the drivers and the pressures that senior living operators face both now and into the future. Spotless can assist you to address and mitigate these challenges through;

  • Delivery of your services in a safe and hygienic environment
  • Maximising resident and staff satisfaction
  • Ensuring accreditation standards are consistently met and
  • Working with you to address the ever-present funding challenges.

Partnering with an experienced provider will enhance your services through our ability to leverage knowledge, innovation and continuous improvement opportunities from similar contracts including residential senior living facilities and public and private hospitals, as well as our position as market leader in the provision of commercial cleaning, food and maintenance services.

Experienced, qualified staff

A large team of qualified and competent staff across our existing sites, complemented by a dedicated national in-house labour staffing agency who can draw upon a pool of casuals for immediate short-term and planned longer term leave relief, underpins our service delivery.

Trusted care

We understand the complex nature of the responsibility senior living operators have in caring for vulnerable people
in sensitive environments. We appreciate your duty of care for residents and staff, and the focus required to ensure consistency and high quality service delivery. Entrusting Spotless to deliver your facility and resident support services will enable you to focus entirely on your core business, with peace of mind that Spotless is taking care of the rest.

Integrated solutions

Our clients benefit from reduced duplication, minimised overheads and volume efficiencies. We offer a consolidated approach to reporting across service lines and a single point of contact for all communication. An integrated service model with Spotless, ensures that there are no demarcation or responsibility disputes between services, ensuring seamless service delivery and no disruption to the operation of the facility. Our service delivery methodology is based on experience gained from a significant number of integrated service contracts for senior living clients in Australia and New Zealand.