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Spotless’ Skilltech brand is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced providers of metering services and water efficiency services. With over 25 years in the industry, we engage people, expertise and technology to provide safe, innovative and sustainable service.

We offer advice on installations, water management and billing for water authorities, utilities and councils. Our complete solutions allow us to manage the customer experience for existing, non-compliant, new or aging infrastructure. We provide:

  • Manual metering
  • Smart metering
  • Automatic/Remote meter reading
  • Pre-paid metering
  • Cold and hot water metering

The quality of Skilltech’s service delivery is unparalleled. Supported by a hard-working team of electricians, plumbers, meter technicians, field workers, and many more, Skilltech continues to manage more than 49 million meter reads and 150,000-meter installations and replacements each year.

As an industry leader, we engage with the community to promote water awareness and conservation. Our specialties include:

  • Specific unaccounted for water programs to increase water billing for actual consumption
  • Customer experience management via an Australian based call centre, applications and notifications
  • Advanced logistics management
  • Leak detection notifications
  • Statistical analysis of meters to maintain accurate fleets
  • Processes and systems that focus on regulatory compliance
  • Secure handling of confidential information
  • Sub-metering expertise
  • Real-time data collection and provision of information systems

Skilltech MiMtr™

Skilltech has successfully developed MiMtr™, a custom-developed metering services application and system. MiMtr™ is provided to customers at no additional cost to our metering activities and requires no ongoing expenditure.

MiMtr™ securely sends and receives information to and from field workers in real-time, and provides a portal for Skilltech’s Customer Care team to allocate, schedule and audit work. Client data files are scheduled and sent from this portal, with photographic evidence available on request. Time data is captured directly from MiMtr™ and invoices generated from the data received.

MiMtr™ provides live operational reporting and dashboards on productivity and performance to Customer Care and Operations. For the first time, clients and Skilltech are able to access the same source of up-to-date information. Consumers will also be able to complete a self-read using the MiMtr™ Consumer App.

As Skilltech deploys MiMtr™ across Australia, our clients and consumers will benefit from this leading-edge field mobility solution through:

  • Integrated, real-time and transparent service delivery leading to improved efficiencies
  • The provision of consistent and robust management systems for both in house and contracted workers
  • Improved data accuracy with more granular reporting for clients
  • Improved scheduling
  • Vastly reduced reliance on paper systems

Skilltech SmartPipe™

Skilltech SmartPipe™ revolutionises portable stand pipe operations. It is a fully managed hydrant access service with patented in-built technology. The portable Skilltech SmartPipe™ now takes standpipe management to the next level.

You can now:

  • Receive real-time data (time, locations, quantities) allowing for immediate verification and queries from end-users
  • Access statistics for data-driven improvement, such as historical access and GPS location
  • Limit water anomalies and regulate water extraction activities with geo-fencing technology
  • Update your field equipment at no additional cost. Field repairs, yearly maintenance and calibration checks are all included
  • Automate monthly billing (for approved users) improving cash flow

To support our Skilltech SmartPipe solution, our “Find My Hydrant” app helps water carters easily find where the closest approved hydrant access point is to their delivery location. Picking up water as close as possible to where it is going to be used reduces operation costs and streamlines water routes for road safety and carbon footprint reduction.

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James Kafanelis | Executive General Manager, Utilities | james.kafanelis@spotless.co.nz