Eco-friendly graffiti removal machine delivers environmental benefits in WA

Spotless’ WA Housing team is utilising a new innovative graffiti removal machine that operates a vacuum blast method to eliminate the need for high-pressure water and chemicals. This method differs from existing practises that use expensive disposal of chemically soiled cleaning materials or high-pressure systems. 

Collaborating with Service Delivery Partner, Appleby Property Services, the Tornado ACS delivers a quick, eco-friendly cleaning process to remove graffiti and is saving approximately 300-500 litres of water and up to 15 litres of chemicals for every square metre of severe graffiti. In the last 12 months Spotless have removed over 470 square metres of graffiti, saving up to 188 kilolitres of water and approximately 4,500 litres of chemicals. 

Spotless’ WA Housing team deliver a wide range of facility management services (residential maintenance, refurbishments, grounds keeping, cleaning and fire prevention) to approximately 22,000 properties in Perth’s North and South East metro regions on behalf of the Department of Communities in WA.  

Robert Evans Operations Manager Western Australia Housing said “It’s great to see the collaboration with our local Service Delivery Partner and the Spotless team being Better Everyday by materializing ideas and innovation when doing routine maintenance tasks. Innovation ideas such as these are what differentiate Spotless from other Service Providers for our customer, Department of Communities.” 

Photo ( L-R): Heath Sartorelli Regional Team Leader East Metro, Spotless,  Darren Appleby, Appleby Property Services and Bradley Kirby Acting Regional Team Leader North Metro, Spotless