Spotless launches Indigenous Engagement partnerships

In early March, Spotless Chairman Margaret Jackson officially launched Spotless’ Indigenous Engagement partnerships with Role Models and Leaders Australia (RMLA) and the Clontarf Foundation in Western Australia.

Whilst the partnerships will support both RMLA and Clontarf Foundation Academies nationally, Spotless now has a direct partnership with RMLA girls’ Academies: Perth’s Clontarf Girls’ Academy and Kununurra Girls Academy, and Karratha’s Clontarf Academy for young men in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Programs delivered by RMLA and the Clontarf Foundation aim to develop and empower young Aboriginal men and women through sport, leadership, education and employment.

The Clontarf Girls’ Academy and Kununurra Girls Academy programs are based in high schools, focusing on Aboriginal girls in Years 7 through to 12 who experience poverty, sickness, misfortune or disconnectedness from their community. The Academies are established in partnership with local secondary schools in Western Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales (12 nationally), and currently has 900 girls enrolled across the 12 RMLA Academies.

The Clontarf Foundation focuses on improving the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men. Clontarf Foundations are established in partnership with local secondary schools with a key focus on sports, and currently has 800 boys attending in 59 Academies across WA, NT, NSW and Victoria. Clontarf is planning to establish up to 9 additional Academies throughout QLD during 2015, giving a further 1000 young men access to Secondary School education.

Spotless works closely with Indigenous communities, businesses and clients in the regions of the company’s operations to provide a diverse range of employment opportunities, working closely with career advisors at each organisation, to ensure long-term career pathways for Clontarf and RMLA students into the business.

At a local level, the partnership with the Clontarf Foundation will focus on providing development opportunities with Spotless clients, for example Rio Tinto, who are also partners with their Academies.

Spotless General Manager of Resources, Grant Stubbs, and Indigenous Engagement Manager Chris Grant, accompanied Margaret at the launches. They were given a tour of each of the Clontarf and RMLA Academy facilities, with students providing personal stories about the impact each organisation is having on their lives.

RMLA Program Director Terry Boland, provided positive feedback for Spotless. “We sincerely appreciate the support that Spotless is providing to our Academies. I hope that Margaret enjoyed the tour and opportunity to meet with the staff and students.”

This is a major step for Spotless in engaging with Indigenous communities and helping those in disadvantaged circumstances; it is a program we are extremely proud of and look forward to working both the Academies and their students.

More information about RMLA and the Clontarf Foundation can be found on their websites: