Spotless supports Sunshine Coast Airport recycling initiative

Spotless’ cleaning team at Sunshine Coast Airport has adopted the use of a solar powered On-site Composting Apparatus (OSCA), to process organic waste into compost.

The team ensures compostable waste is separated correctly for the OSCA, allowing for a third compostable waste stream alongside recyclables and waste.

Across April and May, the Spotless kitchen provided 1154.10kg of food waste to the OSCA. This food component includes all food scraps (raw and cooked), coffee grinds and tea bags. We have also contributed 35L of mulched cardboard and compostable Sumo Salad boxes to OSCA that are collected in the kitchen and in the public areas.

Spotless has received positive feedback from the Sunshine Coast Council who has recognised our ability to keep the contamination levels low in their compostable waste. Since we have been collecting compostable waste from the kitchen, the average contamination level is at 2.3%.

Congratulations to the Spotless cleaning and B&I teams for supporting our client in this sustainable initiative.

Spotless cleaning team member Samuel Constable